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public services

n. (plural of public service English)

Usage examples of "public services".

Communications and public services were under control of a colonial administration reporting to an appointed governor, and regulations concerning the conduct of business and finance would be announced shortly.

Its complex technologies and public services could no more have been sustained by unorganized individuals following their own inclinations than an army could hope to succeed as an unled mass with no plan or strategy.

Even fully automated, the mines barely support the public services and welfare system.

Unfortunately this change had never affected such vital public services as mail delivery.

Community hours handle public services, such as they are, and the rest of us work where we can be useful and at our previous professions for the most part, even in the limited fashion due to the constraints of supplies.

Who, as a citizen of the Commonwealth, is entitled to any and all of its public services.

Even though the news that's gotten out to the public services has been somewhat, shall we say, controlled, there's a lot of, speculation out there at the moment.

They also had control of the city's main power station and water plant ,which put them in a position to preserve its core public services, and the governor's residence and most of the Empire's official offices on Gyangtse were inside the spaceport perimeter.

The public services had been briefed by Orbis and tomorrow when visitors were running for cover they'd be told how exciting the city was, how very animated, did they not agree?

Who keeps things together and the public services functioning through defeats and civil wars and bad Governors?