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Usage examples of "public highway".

He drives close to a hundred all the way to Las Vegas, or at least until he hits the public highway, five miles outside the town.

His customers could come up the hill on the public highway readily enough.

I warned him this was a public highway, built with Government money.

It would be four days before Katz and I crossed a public highway, eight days till we came to a town.

But still-to be manhandled like this-to be forced to submit, on a free public highway- And they couldn't afford to give up the needle-guns, or their food supply.

He splashed it up and down the short length of private dirt lane that ran beside the house, from the corrugated tin shack at the back that served Alden as a garage to the public highway in front.

Across a long field that had been seeded for clover but that had produced only a dense crop of yellow mustard weeds, he could see the public highway along which went a wagon filled with berry pickers returning from the fields.

At the next stop, a bare ridge that overlooked the woods on one side and the public highway on the other, Lee-Daniel tapped the other Warrior on his shoulder, then gestured at travois on which Elaine's juniors had been hauling their satellite tester.

And presently Jurgen's sword was twisted from his hand, and sent flashing over the balustrade, into the public highway.

All the ship's crew needed to worry about was the weight of the containers, and that always seemed to work out rather uniformly, since the containers themselves were always loaded to reflect what a commercial truck could legally pull along a public highway.

But please note: I estimate that we shall be exposed for another half hour on a public highway, and the Koichi artifact is not in place, repeat not in place.