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abbr. (context programming English) pointer


PTR can refer to:

  • PTR 91F, an American-manufactured civilian semi-automatic rifle
  • PTR record or pointer record, a type of DNS record in computer network configuration
  • PetroChina (NYSE: PTR), a Chinese oil company
  • Physikalisch-Technische Reichsanstalt, historical name of a German research institute, now called Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
  • Pool Test Reactor, a Canadian nuclear reactor
  • Planar ternary ring, an algebra used to coordinatize projective planes
  • Public Test Realm, a World of Warcraft server for previewing new content
  • Popstars: The Rivals, a British talent show
  • Paid to read, a type of online incentive-based advertising
  • Particle Transfer Roller, a device for cleaning motion picture film
  • Proton-transfer-reaction mass spectrometry, a chemical analysis technique
  • Pitrilysin, an enzyme