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PTA may refer to:

Usage examples of "pta".

The sum total of civilization there consists of one PTA office, one corycium mine, and a bunch of humanoid natives with the collective IQ of a zucchini.

She may have skipped some PTA meetings, but she was always there for school plays and debates and Little League games.

Whatever their reasons, this is what the government ballyhooed to press and PTA, who trusted the government completely.

Old, discredited Nahas studies are still trotted out by the Drug Enforcement Administration today, and deliberately given to unknowledgeable parents' groups, churches, and PTAs as valid research regarding the evils of pot.

Blaize drawled, "I saw no reason to give away PTA ration supplements when they could perfectly well be used to train the natives.

In subtle, unnoticeable stages, in ways that Russo could never quite recall, Nora had altered in three years of married life from a skinny, suntanned, nineteen-year-old nymphct, pretty and shy, into a talkative, opinionated, intolerant young housewife in a lurex headscarf and rollers, organizer of the local church social club, the La Mirada PTA, and a never-ending ten-ring circus of coffee-and-cake mornings, baby showers, and lectures by white-haired evangelists who stank of tobacco.

She poured two cups and chattered about her garden and a PTA bake sale she was chairing.

Veteran of a hundred PTA fairs and bake sales, chief instigator of the annual fall antiques show on the green, when Cee-Cee Haines talked, people who were too slow to pull an unobtrusive getaway listened.

Beverly was shade trees, and PTA bake sales, and morning papers lying on the porch.

I think he just wanted to see the looks on teachers' faces when both parents show up for the PTA, not to mention the bar or bas mitzvah.

I mean die way you've been rocketing around the Nyota system, bearing false witness, pretending to be something you're not, encouraging breaches of PTA regulations on Angalia, getting involved in all sorts of violence and mixing with very questionable people indeed —.

Ginny walked over, looked into the box, saw an old PTA plaque she'd gotten when Sam was in elementary school, a jewelry box Bill's mother had given her that she'd never liked, a folded red-and-white-checkered tablecloth.

At least these people wouldn't be staring at him all the time, waiting for him to go off the deep end, and whispering about him at PTA meetings.

A shower of flimsy blue hardcopies fluttered down over Blaize in a gentle, rustling rain of reports and accounting figures and PTA instructions.

PTA is a generic term that telecom businessmen slap, like a yellow stickynote, onto what ever government department handles these matters in whatever country they happen to be visiting this week.