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PSV may refer to:

  • Partial specific volume
  • Petit St Vincent, an island south of St. Vincent in the Grenadine islands
  • Pharaoh's Servant, an expansion set for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game
  • PlayStation Vita, a handheld game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Platform supply vessel, a specific type of ship
  • Pressure safety valve
  • Police Support Volunteer, the rank of a volunteer performing civilian and usually office based work for British Police Forces
  • Polished Stone Value, a measure of an aggregate's resistance to the polishing action of vehicle tyres
  • Pressure Support Ventilation, a form of pressure cycled ventilation that gives a patient a set pressure of air at every breath initialization but has no respiratory rate set
  • Peak systolic velocity
  • PSV Eindhoven, a football club from Eindhoven, the Netherlands
  • PSV Nickerie, a football club from Nieuw Nickerie, Suriname
  • A Public Service Vehicle