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PSO may refer to:

In music:

  • Pacific Symphony Orchestra
  • Peoria Symphony Orchestra
  • Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
  • Portland Symphony Orchestra

In science and technology:

  • Particle swarm optimization, a swarm intelligence optimization technique
  • Phase-shift oscillator, an electronic circuit that generates sine waves
  • Protocol Support Organization, one of the three initial components of ICANN, later disbanded
  • Password Settings Object, used in Windows Active Directory environments

Other uses:

  • Pakistan State Oil
  • Patient safety organization
  • Paysite operator, the operator of a paysite, typically pornographic
  • Penalty shootout, a method of determining a winner in sports matches which would have otherwise been drawn or tied
  • Phantasy Star Online, a video game
  • Phone sex operator, a person who provides phone sex service
  • PSO-1, a Soviet telescopic sight
  • Producers Sales Organization, an independent motion picture production and distribution company
  • Public service obligation, a form of state subsidy for transport links which are not commercially viable
  • Puro Sangue Orientale, a breed of horse in Italy
  • Peace Support Operations, a military term used by NATO
  • The IATA code for Antonio NariƱo Airport, serving the Colombian city of Pasto.