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n. (plural of psi English)


PSIS may refer to:

  • Posterior superior iliac spine, part of the human hip bone
  • Programme for Strategic and International Security Studies
  • PSIS Semarang, an Indonesian soccer team
  • Private Security and Intelligence Service, a German-American private intelligence service
  • PSIS Co-operative, a financial services co-operative based in New Zealand
  • PSIS - Trident shaped letters, a crossword clue solution
  • Pounds per square inch sealed

Usage examples of "psis".

Did CC really have to have these psis checking out passengers, or was it gathering data for the aggrandizement of its own power?

Also, there are a great many psis on CCC, interfering with clear perception of such things.

The system had no doubt been designed with psi in mind, since some psis were hypnotists and others controlled minds directly.

For every first-class psi like you, Hermine, there are about ninety-nine lesser psis, and about half of them are so negative as to perish soon, and many of the rest are mental cripples.

At least now we recognize the few successful psis, and use them productively.

The lobo thought such psis would take over the government of the galaxy, but the more likely result would be the opposite, as psi fought psi, knowing no sane limits.

We had some lesser psis, now out of the picture, that were too weak to be good prospects.

We need psi-powers to oppose the human psis that will be brought to bear against us.

It is really a power struggle, and any psis who commit themselves to the losing side will share the fate of that side.

That was as much detail as they could get with the preliminary setup, and probably a good deal more than would have been possible to other psis, since clairvoyance across galactic distances was a phenomenal effort.

CC psis assembled and concentrated, reminding Knot fleetingly of the psi-chickens.

I think there are many things two psis might discuss to their advantage.