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abbr. (context grammar English) (abbreviation of present English)

Usage examples of "ps.".

We have pointed out in a note, that in his comment on Ps. 8 he makes our Lord’s three temptations to be types of all the temptations to which man can be subjected.

On the general subject, reference may also be made to his in Ps. cxxxvi.

Men will not, he says, go back into their hearts, because the heart is full of sin, and they fear the reproaches of conscience, just (in Ps. xxxiii.

He descended and emptied Himself of His dignity that we might ascend, giving an example for all time (in Ps. xxxiii.

But if, when God punishes us, we still continue in our sin, we shall be more confirmed in habits of sin, and then, as Augustin in another place (in Ps. vii.

Augustin interprets (as do the majority of Patristic commentators), in Ps. xli.