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The Prut (also spelled in English Pruth or on maps as Prout; , ) is a long river in Eastern Europe. In part of its course it forms Romania's border with Moldova and Ukraine.

Usage examples of "prut".

No, we will head for Czernowitz on the Hungarian border, cross the river Prut and on the Russian side of the river, at Novosielitza, our train will be waiting.

The guards at the sentry boxes on the near end of the bridge merely waved cordially as the procession went past and crossed the river Prut and rolled into Russia.

But those troupers who had to stay mute were not deaf, and they marveled at how abruptly the sound of the native speech had changed, from one side of the river Prut to the other, from the bright and brittle Magyar to the catarrhal Russian, so moist that it seemed sometimes to splutter.

We lived eighteen men to a tent, near the high, steep bank of the Prut, with everything military: reveille, drills, field exercises, meals from a cauldron, tactics, and evening roll call.