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Pru (band)

Pru is a Thai pop band that formed in 2001 in Bangkok. It was the winner of the favorite artist for Thailand at the 2002 MTV Asia Awards.


Pru or PRU may refer to:

Pru (Ghana parliament constituency)

Masoud Baba Abdul-Rahman is the member of parliament for the constituency. He was elected on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and won a majority of 4,096 votes to become the MP. He had also represented the constituency in the 4th Republic parliament.

Usage examples of "pru".

The noise and bustle of their company made for a much more comfortable atmosphere than when Pru was alone in the house with Nicholas.

I must tell you, Pru, it will take some getting used to, this blue-blooded family of yours.

Their carriage had been just ahead of the one carrying Nick and Pru, and they now stood at the other end of the hall.

She came to a halt in front of Pru, looming in her greater height, eyes blazing.

And several times, he and Edwina and Pru had sat for hours talking of politics and dreams of reform.

She was not looking at Pru, but was staring with open admiration at Nicholas.

She went on to chide Pru about trapping the poor man, as though it would have been less objectionable had it been any other woman, someone more equal to him in beauty.

However, in the deepest, most secret corner of her soul, Pru felt rather proud of herself for having the handsomest, most charming husband of any of her cousins.

Any woman still breathing would find him attractive, and so Pru would constantly have to endure the open interest of other women.

And because just about any one of them would be more desirable than Pru, she would have to constantly wonder if he returned that interest.

Their insulting references to Pru had not only angered him, but had triggered a wave of protectiveness that had swept over him with astonishing strength.

And I have no intention of allowing your family to make this any more difficult for Pru than it is already.

Now that Edwina has married, Father will have no objection to Pru and me making it our permanent home.

Coaxed and cajoled with relentless enthusiasm by her niece, Pru finally agreed that she and Nicholas would join them.

He looked at Pru and once again wore an expression of mock devotion, remembering, apparently, that he was supposed to be in love with her.