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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Proud \Proud\, a. [Compar. Prouder; superl. Proudest.] [OE. proud, prout, prud, prut, AS. pr[=u]t; akin to Icel. pr[=u][eth]r stately, handsome, Dan. prud handsome. Cf. Pride.]

  1. Feeling or manifesting pride, in a good or bad sense; as:

    1. Possessing or showing too great self-esteem; overrating one's excellences; hence, arrogant; haughty; lordly; presumptuous.

      Nor much expect A foe so proud will first the weaker seek.

      O death, made proud with pure and princely beauty !

      And shades impervious to the proud world's glare.

    2. Having a feeling of high self-respect or self-esteem; exulting (in); elated; -- often with of; as, proud of one's country. ``Proud to be checked and soothed.''

      Are we proud men proud of being proud ?

  2. Giving reason or occasion for pride or self-gratulation; worthy of admiration; grand; splendid; magnificent; admirable; ostentatious. ``Of shadow proud.''
    --Chapman. ``Proud titles.''
    --Shak. `` The proud temple's height.''

    Till tower, and dome, and bridge-way proud Are mantled with a golden cloud.

  3. Excited by sexual desire; -- applied particularly to the females of some animals.
    --Sir T. Browne.

    Note: Proud is often used with participles in the formation of compounds which, for the most part, are self-explaining; as, proud-crested, proud-minded, proud-swelling.

    Proud flesh (Med.), a fungous growth or excrescence of granulations resembling flesh, in a wound or ulcer.


a. (en-comparative of: proud)

Usage examples of "prouder".

I know they will remember all I said to them, that they will be loving children to you, will do their duty faithfully, fight their bosom enemies bravely, and conquer themselves so beautifully that when I come back to them I may be fonder and prouder than ever of my little women.

The second one, not much taller than the first, displayed himself with just that little extra flick of his feet, a prouder carriage of his head and tail, an assurance that caught the eye, and a blue gleam to his silky black hide.

The ranges of heroism and loftiness with which Greek and feudal poets endow’d their god-like or lordly born characters -- indeed prouder and better based and with fuller ranges than those I was to endow the democratic averages of America.

I am glad of this, for though I should be very proud of a graceful statue made by her, I shall be infinitely prouder of a lovable daughter with a talent for making life beautiful to herself and others.

All day she haunted the room, jealous of any other nurse, and prouder of being chosen then than of any honor her life ever brought her.

I don’t wish to make you vain, but I must confess that I’m prouder of my handsome husband than of all his money.

But Privately, Every Rightthinking Individual Slept A Little Prouder That Night.

Own Hopes Had Died, Ani Never Saw Them Prouder Than When She Graduated From College Summa Cum Laude.

But Paul-- When I Heard That You Were The One Who Took The Last Guy Out, I Was Never Prouder Of Anyone.