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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Protyle \Pro"tyle\, n. [Proto- + Gr. ? stuff, material.] (Chem. & Astron.) The hypothetical homogeneous cosmic material of the original universe, supposed to have been differentiated into what are recognized as distinct chemical elements.


n. (context physics chemistry historical English) A hypothetical base substance from which all chemical elements were believed to have been made; subatomic particles.

Usage examples of "protyle".

I am the discoverer of the great law of the electrical transposition of the metals, and I am the first to demonstrate protyle, so that, I think, Robert, if all my schemes in other directions come to nothing, my name is at least likely to live in the chemical world.

A large broad-headed hammer lay upon the ground, and with this Haw had apparently set himself to destroy all his apparatus, having first used his electrical machines to reduce to protyle all the stock of gold which he had accumulated.

He laughed at the witch, but quailed before the powers of the hypnotist, lifting his eyebrows when Christianity was mentioned, but adoring protyle and the ether.

Immersion in a protyle sink is significantly more efficacious, albeit infinitely more perilous.