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proscenium arch

n. (context in a theatre English) The arch that (l en frame frames) a (l en stage), and separates it from the (l en auditorium).

proscenium arch

n. the arch over the opening in the proscenium wall

Usage examples of "proscenium arch".

He dodged the vulvas, which pouted, walked through the proscenium arch, which debited Tile Dance, and stepped inside, where an ornate chair found him, conveyed him along a curved aisle and into the auditorium, where he asked for privacy.

Ahead and below us the stage stood dark and shadowy, the curtain-what was left of it-raised into the proscenium arch, its edges frayed by age.

When the stage lights were periodically dimmed, a score of revolving crystal ballroom chandeliers cast swirling splinters of color that seemed to coalesce into supernatural forms that capered under the proscenium arch.

There was the usualthe cart-sized puppet theatre with its little carved figures in garish clothes stock-still on their stagebut the miniature wings and proscenium arch had been torn off, and the puppeteers stood in plain view dressed too-nearly like militia officers in dark grey.

He had given her the backdrop and the proscenium arch for this little drama to be fully appreciated.

He only smiled, making his face a perfect mask of comedy from the proscenium arch.

Passing through a proscenium arch, they came out onto what was, to all intents and purposes, a crowded street.

She was staring wide-eyed and frightened at the supper room's open doorway which, like a proscenium arch, framed the Highland dancers and, quite suddenly, now also framed her lover.

Nothing remained but the elegant and inviting husk, with its stage of gaily painted backdrops and gilded proscenium arch, its velvet curtains and empty benches just waiting for a clamoring audience again.

The theatre's new decorations are most sumptuous -- everything gold and crimson on cream, with a portrait of Shakespeare over the proscenium arch and representations of comedy and tragedy on either side of the stage where mirrors used to be.

Paralyzed and silenced, but with his mind free, Sergei watched Finster take up a huge bouquet of red roses from a folding table near the proscenium arch.

At the farther end of the room a stage had been constructed behind a proscenium arch curtained with folds of old damask.