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propulsion system

n. a system that provides a propelling or driving force

Usage examples of "propulsion system".

I could hear the roar of the ship's propulsion system, which was evidently still functioning at maximum power.

He drew designs on Verne's notebook paper and described in detail the revolutionary propulsion system he had devised to power his radical submarine.

If the propulsion system on board these alien craft fall into the hands of the Empire, I fear for all our lives!

My future lies there, she thought, knowing that Kevin had returned to his ship to continue the repairs of the Gaia's propulsion system.

The Data-thing hesitated, then pushed past Picard to the propulsion system station.

He didn't seem the kind of person to be interested in details of propulsion system engineering.

In the meantime you must secure its hypnotic weapon and disengage the propulsion system of the ship.

I suspect this is merely the nozzle, if you will, for a propulsion system woven into the very being of this world.

The mass of such power-generation equipment will diminish the mass driver's performance as a propulsion system.

Fixed to the base of the MEM's shroud was an Orbital Maneuvering Module, a fat doughnut fitted with a modified Apollo Service Module propulsion system.

The propulsion system and the material that the weapon was either made out of, or coated with, was a mystery to the Chinese.

JUST BEFORE VOYAGER 2 was to encounter the Uranus system, the mission design had specified a final maneuver, a brief firing of the on-board propulsion system to position the spacecraft correctly so it could thread its way on a preset path among the hurtling moons.