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The Collaborative International Dictionary

a. (obsolete form of proper English)


Usage examples of "propre".

Ta main, laisse-moi aller maintenant, paix sur Toi, et que chacun suive son propre chemin.

Et, si cette dame blanche etait sainte Anne elle-meme, il faut bien admettre que sainte Anne ignorait sa propre iconographie.

His adolescent amour propre could not let him confess to such a thing in front of his disdainful father or his sniggling sister.

Sacrement, mais on avait certaines mouches brillantes qui y luisaient fort agreablement jour et nuit etant suspendues par des filets d'une facon admirable et belle, et toute propre a honorer selon la rusticite de ce pays barbare, le plus adorable de nos mysteres.

But all kinds of considerations including squeamishness, another kind of amour propre, and the thought of all the mess it would leave - combined, as always, to stay his hand.

The French express this sentiment by the term, AMOUR PROPRE, but as they also express self-love as well as vanity by the same term, there arises thence a great confusion in Rochefoucault, and many of their moral writers.

Mais je sçais qu'avec quelque connoissance de la langue Angloise vous meme, vous aurez une aide tres suffisante dans Madame la comtesse que j'ose prier d'ajouter a ses amitiés multipliées devers moi celle de devenir l'interprete de ce que vais ecrire en ma propre langue, et qu'elle embellira en la rendant en François.

It was that perverse amour propre that was the most dangerous and destructive aspect of the Russian character, created by a sense of inferiority that went back to the House of Romanov and beyond.

At least, he thought, he was semi-human enough not to inflict further damage upon her amour propre by telling her that the last little bit of by-play had been purely for the benefit of Branson who had momentarily lost interest in the screen-he was not then on camera-and was casting a speculative look at them.