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n. (plural of prong English)

Usage examples of "prongs".

The top prongs are all going gay, or opting for pornographic berk women.

The bent end was concave and sprouted four blunt metal prongs about a quarter of an inch long, making it look like the mouthparts of a tremendously magnified chigger.

Thev killed several rats cruelly, using rakes with sharp prongs to spear therii, and then one large rat became cornered.

But the rat survived only seconds because Georgos swung his rake, knocking the creature to the floor, then slammed the prongs through its body.

He did his best to scorn the warninguntil the day when his sole surviving escort, Drakh, was set on by an unknown gang and attacked with weapons such as would never have been permitted in Ntah: prongs steeped in the ichor from a rotting carcass, warranted to poison the slightest cut even though it was not deep enough to let out life.

Then he shoved the prongs into the side of his head and pulled the trigger.

He had often wished he could do something for them, since their unhappiness added prongs to his own sense of conscience.

They were selling all different types, from little handheld ones, to the sort that fire out prongs on a wire that you can use to attack someone from a five-meter range, right up to big ones that resembled police truncheons.

The pick had knocked it slightly askew, and the prongs started to pull away.

The torch holder bent downward, the prongs slowly working their way free.

They talked about their careers, their crack-ups, their prongs, their shrinks, their dreams.

The ladies had turned it on a bit, true, but the prongs were all in office gear.

A kind of wand, terminating at both ends in converging prongs, it represented the indestructible diamond, the Absolute, voidness and the other terms for the essence Buddhahood.

As she lifted the other end Of its long cord, he carefully took notice of the way she inserted the two small prongs into a device in the wall.

With the swelling down and the oxygen mask replaced by nasal prongs, she was beginning to look more herself.