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Program director

In service industries, such as education, a program manager or program director researches, plans, develops and implements one or more of the firm's professional services. For example, in education, a program director is responsible for developing and maintaining degree-granting programs and/or other educational services.

In program management, the Program Director is a senior manager responsible for the overall success of the program.

A program director's role in a company that sells professional services is similar to a product manager's role in a company that sells tangible goods.

Usage examples of "program director".

The station's program director was blindly obeying the absolute that no radio time was ever to be left blank.

The program director had been sitting in with the NERVA people over the last week, poking around Santa Susana and the other sites, evidently figuring out for himself what the prospects were.

And it was rumored that the station president would soon elevate her to program director.

Instead of Earth Goodness dipping into the bank account to pay all medical bills, Smith drew up a medical program with program director, a minority program, a citizens' awareness program, a rehabilitation program for criminals and, of course, security guards, which he explained were always a necessity when you had a rehabilitation program.

There was the program director in New Jersey whose wife had been threatened.

It was Taras Karamazov, at the time the wunderkind program director at TBN, who had come up with the idea of giving Bones his own talk show.

She was humming to herself as she checked the program director's hot clock.

From one and a half light-seconds away, the voice of the program director back on Earth spoke inside _Auriga's_ control cabin.