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Priyome , also spelled "priem", is a Russian noun that is used directly and generically in English to represent some sort of typical maneuver or technique in chess. For example, a typical defensive technique ("priem") in rook endings is to use the king to attack the opponent's pawns. The Russian word "Priem" is used more generally to refer to typical maneuvers used in positions with certain pawn structure or other defining characteristics. The term is pronounced "pree-YOHM" in both Russian and English.

"Priem" is a common word in the Russian language, and this meaning of the word is frequently used in many contexts, as diverse as music, literature, computer science, and martial arts. It is also very common in Russian chess literature. Because the word does not have an exact equivalent in English (with "device", "technique", or "method" the closest translations), the transliteration has appeared in English-language chess literature, although this usage is not yet widespread. (In Russian, "priem" has other unrelated meanings, including "reception" and "acceptance".)