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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pritch \Pritch\, n. [See Prick.]

  1. A sharp-pointed instrument; also, an eelspear. [Prov. Eng.]

  2. Pique; offense. [Obs.]
    --D. Rogers.


Etymology 1 n. 1 (context UK dialect obsolete English) A sharp-pointed instrument. 2 (context UK dialect obsolete English) An eelspear. 3 (context UK dialect obsolete English) pique; offence Etymology 2

vb. (context transitive English) To pierce or make holes in.

Usage examples of "pritch".

I had about an hour or so left in which to produce twenty inches of copy for Pritch, so I set the files aside and began sifting my notes to find a starting place.

There had to be a reason behind it, more valid than the theory Pritch had advanced.