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n. (plural of principal English)

Usage examples of "principals".

But it is undoubtedly too often the practice of brokers who are members of exchanges to consider themselves entitled to act as principals and sell on their own account to their own clients, particularly in futures.

Hence actions may be brought by the principals to a contract for the sale of stocks and shares although no memorandum in writing exists.

It was a game that principals and EAs all understood well and used often.

And what was it that Sum merfield had said about principals not getting their hands dirty?

Let the friends of the parties step forth, in readiness to sign when the principals themselves shall have discharged this duty.

America, by furnishing succours to the English, his majesty would be authorized to consider and treat them as principals in it.

With respect to the European powers that were not actually engaged as principals in the war, they seemed industriously to avoid every step that might be construed as a deviation from the most scrupulous neutrality.

He sets to work at once, sells a number of tickets, and forwards the proceeds to his principals in New York.

In the end, the Principals decided in favor of a punitive response rather than a coercive campaign.

For a half hour, Sandy explained to me that he and the other Principals had concluded that they could not keep playing cat-and-mouse games with Saddam and they had decided that the only solution was to topple his regime.

We began calling interagency meetings to discuss tactics and produce the necessary staff work for the Principals to make a decision.

Iraq because none of the Principals wanted to live through another Kosovo.

Kosovo experience was brought home later that year, when we began to roll out the regime change options on Iraq that the Principals had requested.

Everyone agreed it was a good, realistic course of action, and Martin Indyk, Bruce, and I began pressing for the Principals to consider it.

Vice principals were supposed to have a rep as the school hard-ass, not the school angel.