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n. a dialectal (North Country) variant of preen  vb. a dialectal (North Country) variant of preen


Prin ( Greek: Πριν, meaning "Before") is a weekly newspaper, published in Athens and circulating nationwide. Prin is published by the New Left Current, although it is not strictly the newspaper of the party.

Prin (disambiguation)

Prin is a Greek weekly newspaper.

Prin or PRIN may also refer to

  • PRIN (Partido Revolucionario de la Izquierda Nacionalista), a left-wing political party in Bolivia
  • Novice Prin, a fictional Catkind, who was killed in the God Complex in Doctor Who ( The God Complex)

Usage examples of "prin".

It hardly rivaled the palace of the seven prin cesses, but Hasan was satisfied that it was the best he could expect in Baghdad.