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n. (plural of prime English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: prime)

Usage examples of "primes".

What we have to address today is the consequence of the Primes being freed.

Both us and the Primes are intersolar, there is no shortage of anything in the galaxy.

We have plans to upgrade all city and civil area force fields, anticipating the Primes will launch a second attack.

The object is to fight a guerrilla war, sabotage whatever the Primes are doing, slow them down while we mount a bigger offensive.

But that took money, and the invasion had wiped them out financially, taking away their entire equity, and he knew damn well that even after the navy beat the Primes back into their own space Elan was ruined beyond reclamation.

And judging by the reports from Randtown she took on the Primes single-handed.

But the Primes do have a phenomenal amount of resources available to use against us.

The Primes were fighting back, sending up flyers and big ships, their beam weapons punching through the scuzzy continent-wide clouds to intercept the rain of lethal machines as they sank down through the ionosphere.

On every single occasion when refugees and survivors encountered the Primes, they were exterminated.

But the Primes have now seen that application of hyperdrive technology.

We know that strategy is working well, intensifying it should keep the Primes preoccupied.

Dimitri had argued that the Primes would work out a counter to the Douvoir missiles because they already knew humans were capable of such an application.

Gateway, the Primes will undoubtedly move to annex more Commonwealth planets.

Sheldon, Hutchinson, and Columbia wanted to dispatch several ships to Dyson Alpha while the Primes remained ignorant of quantumbusters.

The Primes were using the same long-range injection strategy in all of them.