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PRI may refer to:

  • Pacific Research Institute, California, USA
  • Paleontological Research Institution, Ithaca, New York
  • Partito Repubblicano Italiano, the Italian Republican Party, est. 1895
  • Partido Regionalista de los Independientes (PRI), the Regionalist Party of the Independents, Chile
  • Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), the Institutional Revolutionary Party in Mexico since 1929
  • Penal Reform International, a non-governmental organization
  • Perceptual Reasoning Index, score in the WAIS-IV intelligence test
  • Photochemical Reflectance Index
  • Population Research Institute, Virginia, USA, anti-contraception and abortion
  • IATA airport code for Praslin Island Airport, in the Seychelles
  • The PRI disease resistant apple breeding program
  • Primary Rate Interface, telecommunication standard
  • Primate Research Institute
  • Principles for Responsible Investment, UN initiative
  • Public Radio International, Minneapolis, USA
  • The ISO 3166-1 3-letter country code and an abbreviation for Puerto Rico
  • Pulse Repetition Interval
  • Cromemco PRI, an S-100 parallel printer interface card
  • Institutional Revolutionary Party, a Mexican political party that held power in Mexico for 71 years.

Usage examples of "pri".

Il avait pris le bras de sa fille: --Et ca ne peut se dire que devant ta mere, votre affaire?

I kepe noght of armes for to yelpe, Ne I ne axe nat tomorwe to have victorie, Ne renoun in this cas, ne veyne glorie Of pris of armes blowen up and doun, But I wolde have fully possessioun Of Emelye, and dye in thy servyse.

For Barrows, for the entire gang of them, Barrows and Blunk and Colleen Nild and Bob Bundy and Pris.

Pris buries herself into his hug, smiling, then steps back with sparkling eyes.

Pris offered to drive me to my motel in my Chevvy, taking it home herself and picking me up the next morning.

And then from every s now and glacier-crowned peak, from minaret and pinnacle and towering turret, le aped for t h a confusion of soft peacock fla m es, a host of irised pris m atic gleamings, an ordered chaos of rainbows.

Last night in the dark, she hadn't noticed the engagement ring that Pris was wearing.

Because these tiny glimpses of the real Pris have become more valuable to me than all the fugues put together.

Maybe Pris had managed to convince other human beings that she was a replicant, and had served time along with a Rachael model in a sanctioned military brothel.

As Milos invoked Jerico pri ority, Angus' brain seemed to shut down: zone implants and programming controlled every neural flicker and muscular contraction while his datacore registered Milos' orders and compared them to its prewritten exigencies.

When Pris, on the run with the escaped replicants she had thought she was one of, had disguised herself as one of Sebastian’s mechanical creations, a leotarded bridal doll with a veil draped over her strawlike hair, she had finally achieved the nonhuman apotheosis her cracked brain had been seeking all along.

After eliminating Cleaver I had a parti pris, so to speak, in regard to Mannix.

As often as possible, moving about the city, Rube Prien walked, a chance for exercise.

This was it, whatever it was, and Rube Prien turned to walk beside the block-long building toward a door he could see in his mind.

Your Major Prien has had his Project to himself now for-is it three years?