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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

U.S. college slang for president (of a college), 1828. As a Latin verb, it meant "a request, entreaty."


n. 1 president, especially of a university 2 prefix

Usage examples of "prex".

He says Prex Norgan is right here in New York, sticking in a hideaway.

If Prex is alive, and Shiwan Khan is wise to it, the guy must know everything.

STEPPING to his cushion, Prex seated himself cross-legged in one easy motion.

Finished with banter, Prex reached beneath a table, drew out a large coil of paper, and unrolled it.

Detail by detail, Prex mapped out the plan for the most perfect bank robbery that any of the crooks could have imagined.

In fact, it seemed to suit everyone, until Snipe Shailey saw a loophole in the chart and questioned Prex about it.

Already, Prex had explained how people who arrived at the bank would pave the way to crime.

Taking his cue from the Golden Master, Prex Norgan was pointing out how the mesh would close, in smooth, mechanical fashion.

One public enemy, Prex Norgan, had been in town almost a year without being discovered.

Mike and the other listeners agreed with Prex that mobbies and gorillas did not count.

Before Prex Norgan could think of anything to say, the curtains parted behind him.

CHAPTER XIV CROOKS LEAD THE WAY AT noon the next day, Prex Norgan called the lieutenants together and showed the plans for the next job.

As soon as he was alone with Blitz, Prex used some subtlety that the Golden Master had suggested earlier in the day.

Of all the lieutenants, the only one in the full know was Prex Norgan.

Instead of going around by the box office, Prex rapped at a side exit of the theater.