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Chapter 14 It had all of it, Prew questioned, begun with the quitting of the Bugle Corps.

From out in the quad the guard bugle sounded Drill Call imperatively and Chief Choate got up from the bunk, looking at Prew blankly searchingly.

Two days later he was a trustee, and moved over to Number One, the east barrack, where the trustees bunked together, and Prew did not see him any more.

She smiled up at Prew and suddenly, momentarily, it came into both their faces looking at each other that this was just as if she were his wife, his private possession, and as if this bed were their home that an outsider, a much beloved 282 friend but still outsider, had invaded friendlily, the Third Person, another man who did not know her, all of her, as he knew her and whom she did not want to know her as he knew her, and who because of this enhanced this privacy of intimacy.

He went behind the counter to the swinging kitchen door and Prew watched him.

As Prew listened the mobile face before him melted to a battle-blackened skull as though a flamethrower had passed over it, kissed it lightly, and moved on.

Outside in the sallyport Prew donned his campaign hat, adjusting it meticulously, low on the forehead, high in back, cocked just a little bit.

From the way he fell, dead weight, a falling ingot or a sack of meal dropped from the haymow that shudders the barn and bursts its own seams, Prew knew.

The dark intent eyes under the hairy brows flared up as if Prew had lighted candles in a dim cathedral.

The bellow had not made Prew jump and now he turned his bent head slowly above the cue.

As he moved his left foot and crossed his hands behind his back, Prew spared him one swift glance.

Capt Holmes swung his swivel chair to the right and stared sternly out the window for a moment, offering Prew a profile of the jutting jaw, grim mouth, and sharp commanding nose.

His face straight, he grinned at Prew with his eyebrows, and a devilish pixy peered out from behind his face with unholy glee.

He stared at , Prew a moment curiously, then looked at Warden knowingly.

When the chow whistle blew Prew went down in the thronging crowd that stampeded for the messhall.