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Dern, without displaying any of the interest and suspicion he felt at the advent of men who were unmistakably Voorstoders, asked for their names—Mugal Pye, Epheron Floom, Preu Flandry, and a young man called Ilion Girat—without giving his in return.

The men of the Cause affected ringlets flowing down their backs into which coup markers could be pinned during special ceremonials of the Cause, so Preu Flandry had once remarked to Jep after he had sneered at Jep's close-cropped curls.

On the fourth day, Preu Flandry and two other men showed up with a device to unlock the collar Jep wore.

They took it off of Jep, then the two men held Sam while Preu fastened it upon him.

Sam shouted at Preu, calling him such names as he knew, which were not much to a Voorstoder.

Within moments Preu had dragged the two young people into the flier and they were aloft, flying swiftly eastward, then south along the mountains.

Mugal and Preu and Epheron, all three of them, gloatingly laden with a heavy box they had found somewhere.

The Exploitation Theory, South Hot-land, Illinois: Libertarian Preu, I960.