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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
press agency
▪ Jobs weren't easy but eventually he fixed a slot as a night wire man at a Toronto press agency.
press agency

n. An organisation that gathers and distributes news.

press agency

n. an agency to collects news reports for newspapers and distributes it electronically [syn: news agency, wire service, press association, news organization, news organisation]

Usage examples of "press agency".

A section of the room had been reserved for the press, and representatives were there from Reuters, United Press, International News Service, Shsin Hau Agency, French Press Agency and Tass, among others.

To make sure, I rang the German press agency two hours ago, claiming to be the hospital, and gave them the same story.

There was an engraved one that said 'Bertram Loess -Assessor and Valuer', another printed one that said 'Brian Serck Inter News Press Agency', and a small imitation leather folder that gave me Right of Entry under the Factories Act because I was a weights and measures inspector.

I lost my copy of this Japanese version years ago and am grateful to Mr Saiji Hasegawa, formerly head of the London branch of the Domei Press Agency, who generously presented me with his copy.

Natasha, dark and so delicate that she could wear children's clothes, contributed her pay as a Novosti press agency writer and one abortion a year.

Indeed, Gillis had little doubt that the Republic's official press agency had already reported the loss of the _Alabama_ and that FSA spokesmen were issuing statements to the effect that the ship had suffered a catastrophic accident.

An Inspection of the board upon the wall showed him that the first floor apparently was occupied by three firms, two of them legal, for this is the neighbourhood of the law courts, and the third a press agency.