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Prešov is a city in Eastern Slovakia. It is a seat of the administrative Prešov Region and Šariš. With a population of approximately 91,352, it is the third-largest city in the country. There are many tourist attractions in Prešov such as castles, pools and the old town.

Prešov was founded as Eperjes in Austria-Hungary, it was known in German as Eperies (between 1938 and 1945 also Preschau), Eperjes in Hungarian, Fragopolis in Latin, Preszów in Polish, Peryeshis in Romany, Пряшев (Pryashev) in Russian and Пряшів (Priashiv) in Rusyn and Ukrainian. Both eper and fragum; frago- in Hungarian and Latin mean strawberry, so "Eperjes" and "Fragopolis" can be translated as "strawberry city". Three strawberries are also depicted on the coat of arms of Prešov. However, the names for the city in Slavic languages has another etymology. Before the creation of Czechoslovakia and official usage of Slovak language, Hungarian, German and Yiddish were spoken in the city, because of the mix of cultures living in the prewar Eperjes.

People from Prešov are known as "koňare" what means horses. Public horse breeding stud was built in 1859 in Prešov on Sabinovská ulica, it was a stop for horses on their way to Budapest and gained popularity quickly, so citizens of Prešov were called horses after this famous spot of Austria-Hungary. Horses are also depicted on the jerseys of Prešov's football team, 1. FC Tatran Prešov, which is the very first official football team in Slovakia, founded in 25 May 1898 as Eperjesi Torna és Vívó Egyesület ( Hungarian).