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Usage examples of "prek".

Almost daintily, Prek wiped his face with a silk handkerchief, which he then returned to his uniform sleeve.

The joke at his old bureau was that if Prek had his way, every intelligence clerk would have a monitor surgically implanted in his brain as a requirement for employment.

If Prek was correct, in this room he would pick up the trail of the man who had murdered his brother.

Captain Lo Prek sat nervously on the edge of his bunk, trying to decipher the radio chatter between the freighter captain and traffic control.

Already, Lo Prek said, there were instances of sabotage, espionage, and generally antiwar sentiments abroad.

That many of the tarnished were in fact blameless did not matter, because Lo Prek had uncovered a pattern that led to the flawless conclusion that an Imperial conspiracy was behind the crime wave.

Just because Lo Prek was insane, it did not necessarily follow that he was stupid.

Lady Atago leafed through the printout with growing enthusiasm, Wichman congratulated himself on his foresight in roping Lo Prek into his organization.

The only part of the report Wichman had excised was the man Lo Prek believed responsible for the conspiracy: Sten.

Lo Prek was clearly mad, but as a Tahn she could understand his obsession for revenge.

Lo Prek ducked into the ruined tenement that lay just below the approach to Koldyeze.

Senior Captain Lo Prek was eventually picked up by a press gang of Tahn civilians under the direction of an Imperial sanitation expert, loaded onto a gravsled, and taken outside the city.

I only brought up the subject because it appeared to be prek I i ig upon your mind during the ride home in the carriage.