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a. (context informal English) pregnant. n. (context informal English) pregnancy.

Usage examples of "preg".

Yet she visited a pharmacy, bought a home preg nancy test, and sank down in a heap when it showed positive.

He stopped everything and started right away designing-well notright away because we had to celebrate by re-enacting the conception program-but afterward he starting designing me preg clothes for when I get fat.

O'Brien shrugged, so very paradoxicalma preg- nant Irish bull, he half remembered from some- where.

Alessan had always thought Scand merely an adequate healer, suitable to attend, the Hold's large number of preg nancies and treat occasional accidents, but not up to a major emer gency.

The fire cast dancing shadows, larger than life, of a small dunai and highlighted the exquisitely carved figure of a woman with substan tial motherly attributes-large breasts and rounded stomach, not preg nant but well endowed with reserves of stored fat.