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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Prees \Prees\, n. Press; throng. [Obs.]

Usage examples of "prees".

Neither Prees nor Lema was in sight, probably inside—the shuttle’s entrance faced away from their approach—though Stess was standing near the diagnostic control console at the small vessel’s bow.

When they returned, they’d send Neane, Srral, Prees, and Glessin down to the surface, leaving just the two of them on board.

You’ll have to ask Prees about who else pitched in on design…though she’ll be guessing, whatever she tells you.

The shuttle was allegedly a lost cause, but Prees loved checking out anything new.

Srral’s limited emotional engineering didn’t include embarrassment, so far as anyone knew, but Prees was extremely protective of the liquid alien.

Dez used to tease Prees about having a crush on Srral, but had stopped when Facity had finally convinced him that she probably did.

Every time Prees thinks she’s got it pinned down, it pops up somewhere else.

It’s the creation of an extremely technologically advanced people called the Himh (this I found out from Prees, by the way.

After it had been introduced to the ship—which Prees says is internally very curious—it decided to stay.

After four years of working with her, Glessin knew that Prees worried overmuch on missions.

Facity had asked Prees to leave it alone for a while, and set about solving the minor mystery.

Prees and Srral were on the bridge when the two things occurred…and they happened so suddenly, and constituted so immense a change, that Prees could only stare mutely at the viewing screen while Srral offered up statistics, as everyone on the ship called at once to report that the Wa had leaked out of the subdeck.

Triv and Pri’ak were both reporting strange tastes and smells…and still, Prees was dumbstruck, could only stare at the planet below, and at the stars all around.

And what Prees had told him…he had more questions than he could count.

I heard Prees tell the captain that we are now much closer to the Anomaly.