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vb. To cut something in advance

Usage examples of "precut".

These days Joe got a lot of his meat precut and packaged from the feedlot up in Ja Jara, Colorado.

After all, it was a simple matter of assembling precut pieces, like putting together a huge tinker-toy set.

The fifty engineering barges, bearing precut beams and pilings and stacked with miles of lashings, swung into action, to the astonishment of the sleepy local inhabitants, and within two days a magnificent bridge had been constructed across the half-mile-wide mouth of the Chaboras, over which the entire army, including supply wagons, camels, horses, and provisions, crossed in a matter of a few hours.

It had been precut into chunks and left for the men on a few logs, with no conversation.

It had been his original intention to dismantle the upper levels of the old tower-keep, utilizing those precut stones in the foundation of the hall, while filling the lower level with earth and rubble for a ready-laid stretch of foundation.

Carefully, she removed the price tag, set it next to the register, then pulled out a small piece of paper that had been precut to the size of the box.

The northern horsemen were hooting and laughing at the efforts of a troop of Roman engineers to clear the wagon, but it had been loaded with baskets of lead shot and heavy, precut timbers.

Then he placed prewashed, precut salad greens on a paper plate, added a can of tuna because he needed protein, ate quickly without tasting, went to sleep.

It would have been easy to buy precut framing, just as it would to get already-made roof shingles, but the fine details kept me anchored.

To avoid a lot of cutting and peeling, think about purchasing bagged, precut and prepeeled vegetables and fruits twice a week.