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Linked to this bellicose nationalism was a return to pre-Civil War patterns in which Southerners were the most ardent proponents of American imperial expansion.

I cannot help but compare this situation with one of the most famous pre-civil war strikes in Terran history, at a seemingly insignificant place called Harper's Ferry.

The Chiefs House had been a small hotel before the Event, and long before that a whaling skipper's mansion, back in the glory days of Nantucket's pre-Civil War supremacy in the baleen and boiled-blubber trades.

The face's expression is very much sly-Yankee, in the pre-Civil War sense.

The structure was old& probably pre-Civil War& and had the charm and character of many of the South's vintage structures.

What she really resented was that as a member of the organization, and owner of the house, she was requested to dress in a period costume, preferably pre-Civil War, and guide the tour through her home.

This home was furnished the pre-Civil War South, American South, thought Lippincott.

Like a pre-Civil War whorehouse, perhaps in Charleston, South Carolina.