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Etymology 1 prep. before (something significant). Etymology 2

n. (context slang English) precum, Cowper's fluid, pre-ejaculate. vb. (context slang English) To precum, to pre-ejaculate.


Pre or PRE may refer to:

  • Steve Prefontaine (1951–1975), an American runner nicknamed "Pre"
  • Pre (band), British band
  • Partial redundancy elimination, computer compiler optimization
  • Palm Pre, a smartphone
  • Personal Rescue Enclosure, for spacecraft
  • Pirke de-Rabbi Eliezer (Chapters of Rabbi Eliezer), an aggadic-midrashic work on the Torah
  • Preston railway station, UK National Rail code
  • Prince Edward Station (MTR station code), in Hong Kong
  • Andalusian horse or Pura Raza Española
  • <nowiki><pre>…</pre></nowiki> HTML element for pre-formatted text
  • Microphone preamplifier
  • PRE, abbreviation for Protestantische Realenzyklopädie, see Schaff–Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge
Pre (band)

Pre , often written as PRE, is a British noise rock band releasing music on the labels Skin Graft Records and Lovepump United. It is based in London and was formed around 2005 with singer Akiko Matsuura, known for taking the stage in only her underwear and extensive stage diving. Pre includes former members of Todd and Seafood. Guitar player John Webb is also a member of the noise rock band Male Bonding along with Kevin Hendrick.

Usage examples of "pre".

Metz, dit Barbier, il etait dans sa terre, pres de Vernon, dirigeant une armee de terrassiers, de macons, de jardiniers et de decorateurs.

He was, Asey noted, in what Cummings always referred to as a pre - confront mood.

Henri, sous notre ciel humide et fin, semblait plus pres des hommes, et plus mele aux choses de ce monde!

La chambre verte, dans laquelle ma mere mettait mon petit lit pres du sien, je la considerais, dans sa douceur auguste et dans sa saintete familiere, comme le point sur lequel le ciel versait ses rayons avec ses graces, ainsi que cela se voit dans les images de saintete.

Bullock, S, Rose, S P R, and Zamani, R Characterisation and regional localisation of pre- and postsynaptic glycoproteins of the chick forebrain showing changed fucose incorporation following passive avoidance training.

By the time Prest returned, Gils was fast asleep on my pallet, oblivious to the world around him.

Patterson, T A, Gilbert, D B, and Rose, S P R Pre- and posttraining lesions of the intermediate medial hyperstriatum ventrale and passive avoidance learning in the chick.

If habituation occurs by reduction of the postsynaptic response at a single synapse, it could logically be a consequence of either pre- or postsynaptic processes, or of course a combination of both.

This question of pre- versus postsynaptic plasticity has been a major source of polemic in recent years, but with most theoreticians favouring the postsynaptic side as the main site of plasticity.

This effect, essentially an increase in the efficacy of transmission between pre- and postsynaptic cells, was termed potentiation.

LTP, thus moving the focus of interest about mechanism from the pre- to the postsynaptic side.

As a result the models for the mechanism of LTP had to be revised to include an effect mediated through the phosphorylation of specific pre- and postsynaptic membrane proteins.

Although the debate over whether the pre- or the postsynaptic changes are the most important is still raging as I write, it is likely to turn out, as is sometimes but not always the case in science, that both camps are more or less right.

All that I know so far - at least, all that is worth telling here - is that there are a number of different glycoproteins of a variety of molecular weights, on both pre- and postsynaptic sides of the membrane, involved in the response to training on the bead.

Ott, J and Matthies, H-J Some effects of RNA precursors on development and maintenance of long-term memory: hippocampal and cortical pre- and posttraining application of RNA precursors.