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practical nurses

n. (plural of practical nurse English)

Usage examples of "practical nurses".

Licensed practical nurses or LPNs only took about nine months to train now, since many of the things they could have done up-time were no longer possible.

Our practical nurses, who were Oveta Cooper and Mary Selwyn Kirk, told us that there was a wonderful surprise waiting for us in the library.

And one rental company, the Arthur Treacher Service System, advertises that it will rent maids, chauffeurs, butlers, cooks, handymen, babysitters, practical nurses, plumbers, electricians and other home service people.

By midmorning the nurses' aides (or practical nurses, or whatever their proper title was) were out four or five strong, supporting their tottery-legged wards by the arm on short walks into the mild sunshine, or pushing them in wheelchairs.

She got out the help-wanted ads and called about a dozen numbers where they'd advertised for housemaids and practical nurses.

Barbara Marcantonio and Summer Jackson were both practical nurses.