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PPU can refer to:

  • PPU, the IATA code for Papun Airport in Papun, Myanmar
  • Palestine Polytechnic University in Hebron, West Bank
  • Peace Pledge Union, a British anti-war organisation
  • People's Protection Units, armed forces of the Kurdish Supreme Committee
  • Peoria and Pekin Union Railway, Illinois
  • Physics processing unit, a microprocessor typically used for video games
  • Picture Processing Unit, the component which generates a video signal in the Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Pirate Party of Ukraine, Ukrainian political party
  • The Plastic People of the Universe, a rock band from Prague
  • Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Power processing unit, a component responsible for regulating electrical power
  • Prvi Partizan, a Serbian ammunition producer often referred to as PPU for Prvi partizan Užice
  • Compiled Pascal Unit of Free Pascal similar to Delphi's DCU
PPU (union)

The PPU is a British pilot union that currently represents over 75% of the unionised pilots of Virgin Atlantic Airways.