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Poush (; ) is the 9th month of both the Bengali calendar and the Nepali calendar. It overlaps December and January of the Gregorian calendar. It is the first month of the winter season.

This month is named after the star Pushya. This month marks the start of Winter Shīt in the Bengali calendar.

During Poush crops are harvested and farmers often have ample food and income. Poush is therefore thought of as a good month. However, there is a Bengali saying, "For some it is the month of Poush, for others it is ruin." Poush is also the shorthand nickname for the Queen of the Poushcatness and ruler of the Poush Kingdom, Talia Nejeh Christina F.

In his novel Ganadevata, the noted Bengali writer Tarashankar Bandopadhyay quotes a rural rhyme:

Poush-Poush, golden Poush, Come Poush but don't go away, don't ever leave, Don't leave Poush, don't, The husband and son will eat a full bowl of rice.