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n. allemande sauce with chopped parsley

Usage examples of "poulette".

Henry Cackleberry Poulette strode into the Henry Cackleberry Poulette Operating Room in the Henry Cackleberry Poulette Wing of the Woodstock, New York, Veterinary Hospital.

Cackleberry Poulette carried the ailing fryer to his awaiting limousine and rode in silence back to Poulette Farms Poultry corporated.

Henry Poulette set her on the yolk-colored rug and watched her race blindly into the furniture, her dead, unseeing neck hanging like a deflated balloon.

Remo had a chance to shrug, a grimy finger was extended between them, indicating a large, glistening building on a promontory above, overlooking the Poulette complex on the valley floor.

Remo and Chiun took this as an opportunity to slip through the crowd, past the small security booth and onto the grounds of Poulette Farms.

Remo, Chiun was around the wrecked desk and hovering above Poulette, his hazel eyes ablaze.

It normally would have taken Henry Cackleberry Poulette one full second to respond, but his nervous system could not process the pain that quickly-though his spinal chord almost overloaded itself with the effort.

They continued their purposeful walk along the corridors of Poulette Farms Poultry orporated toward the abattoir.

Vindicated, Chiun began marching along the corridor once more, Poulette hurrying to keep pace.

MacLeavy, you must be new with the Department of Agriculture if you think Poulette Farms is a barnyard operation.

At the same time some sort of craving came into his rapidly blinking eyes, and Poulette began to spin the trak-ball and stab blinking buttons.

Remo shot Chiun a confused glance, but the Master of Sinanju seemed to be regarding Henry Poulette more intently than ever.

The words were followed by another cackle, which Poulette then tried to pass off as a cough with some more throat-clearing noises.

He propelled Henry Poulette past the body on the floor and toward the access ladder.

In return, I gave one of the Scubisci subsidiaries the hauling and carting contract on all Poulette Farms refuse.