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n. the flesh of a chicken used for food [syn: chicken, volaille]

Usage examples of "poulet".

Mistress Poulet took her break from phone-sex up there every day at show time to watch her man perform.

This period of the omelette aux rognons and the poulet saute, while her sole surviving parent, her fourth, fairly chattered to her governess, left Maisie rather wondering if her governess would hold out.

All of us were lying around half asleep in our chairs after that poulet a la creme they gave us at lunch.

Well, everybody perks up at this, probably because it takes their minds off the digesting of the poulet a la creme and starts talking.

A nice, plump poulet was available but the fire we would have needed to cook it would have given us away.

Burton echoed, thinking longingly of hollandaise sauce and poulet a la diable.

Goya, with these lines of French: Le renard preche aux poulets et quand on parle du loup, on en voit la queue.

Whatever spiritual agonies I might be about to undergo at Brinkley Court, Market Snodsbury, near Droitwich, residence there would at least put me several Supremes de fois gras au champagne and Mignonettes de Poulet Petit Duc ahead of the game.

Murky brown soupe de poisson, tomato salad, moules marinières, poulet basquaise (we were only a few miles from the Basque country).