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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pott \Pott\, n. A size of paper. See under Paper.


Etymology 1 n. (obsolete form of pot English) Etymology 2

n. An old size of paper, 12.5 x 15 inches.


Pott may refer to:

  • Pott, a hamlet in the parish of Ilton cum Pott in North Yorkshire, England
  • Pott, a colloquial name for the Ruhr region in Germany
  • Pott (surname)
  • Old Pott, a fictional hobbit character created by J.R. Tolkien
  • Pott disease, a form of tuberculosis
  • Pott (rum), a German rum brand
Pott (surname)

Pott is a surname of Anglo-Saxon origin, which is a variant of Potts. The surname Pott may refer to:

  • Aaron Pott (born 1967), American winemaker
  • Alfred Pott (1822-1908), British archdeacon
  • August Pott (1802–1887), German linguist
  • Carol Pott (born 1964), American writer
  • Francis Pott (composer) (born 1957), British musician
  • Francis Lister Hawks Pott (1864–1947), American educator
  • Fritz Pott (1939–2015), German football player
  • George F. Pott, Jr. (1943–2001), American politician
  • Joel Pott (born 1979), British musician
  • John Pott (died 1645), English doctor and politician
  • Johnny Pott (born 1935), American golfer
  • Joseph Pott (1759–1847), British archdeacon
  • H. Percivall Pott (1908–1964), British politician
  • Percival Pott (1714–1788), British surgeon

Usage examples of "pott".

CHAPTER III THE PERFECT LOVER To the crime of being Potts the wretched Colonel had now added malversation of a trust fund.

Potts and Valerie, to know that she had revealed so much of herself without even realizing was upsetting.

Potts had drawn for Leaphorn on a sheet of notepaper took him across the San Juan down the asphalt of Highway 35 into the Aneth Oil Field, and thence onto a dirt road which led up the slopes of Casa Del Eco Mesa.

So trivially, so utterly, so pitiably casual, to eyes of the flesh, was this Potts of Little Arcady, from his immortal soul to the least item of his inferior raiment!

Billy also brought two messages to Solon: one from Potts that he had been mistaken about the attitude of Little Arcady toward himself--that he was seeing this more clearly every minute.

Rodney Potts, recreated and natty in a new summer suit of alpaca, his hat freshly ironed, sued the town of Little Arcady for ten thousand dollar damages to his person and announced his candidacy at the ensuing election for the honorable office of Judge of Slocum County.

Apparently, fate had never made a wilder, more purposeless cast than when it brought Clem to Little Arcady with Potts.

Potts, thus auspiciously launched upon the social sea of Little Arcady, was henceforth to occupy herself prominently with the regulation of its ebb and flow.

Masculine Little Arcady cared not that she had been less successful than the late Colonel Potts, for example, in preserving the truly Greek spirit--cared naught for this so long as, meaningly or otherwise, she uttered the immemorial woman-call in its true note wheresoever she fared.

He communicates a subtle insight into Gypsydom that is totally wanting in the works--mainly philological--of Pott, Liebich .

Potts scoffed at him for being frightened by the trampling of a herd of buffaloes.

In order to lighten the burden of the canoes, I continued my walk all the evening, and took our only invalids, Potts and Lepage, with me.

I did never heate a flesh pott but when the comon pott was so used likewise.

So cleverly, easily, dancingly did he perform the double knock and the retreat, that Chumley Potts was moved to forget his wagers and exclaim: 'Racket-ball, by Jove!

Admiring his friend's audacity, deploring his rashness, reproving his persistency, Potts allowed his verdict to go by results.