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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Potch \Potch\, v. i. [Cf. Poach to stab.] To thrust; to push. [Obs.] ``I 'll potch at him some way.''


Potch \Potch\, v. t. See Poach, to cook. [Obs.]


Etymology 1 vb. 1 To thrust. 2 To trample. Etymology 2

n. (context chiefly Australia mineralogy gemmology English) A type of rough opal without colour, and therefore not worth selling. Etymology 3

vb. (obsolete form of poach nodot=yes English) (to cook in simmering water).

Usage examples of "potch".

On getting out he gave this card to his coachman, telling him to drive--as fast as possible to the Hotch Potch Club, and if Mr.

And whenever our volcanoes of adoration erupted, and we extolled the relative splendors of the Rover Boys or Tom Swift, the intrepid Nick Carter or the peerless Frank Merriwell, Potch merely made muffled, gargling sounds and drifted away.

Jimmy Dale was as handsome as Apollo, and Potch was a dish of oatmeal.

I now realized that I had to consume the books in the closet faster than Potch, an enterprising salesman, could retrieve them.

And Potch surely had a right to lend, store, or sell his own presents.

To ask Potch himself, however subtly, was to run the unbearable risk of learning that what I feared was true.

And if I asked Potch and it was true, Potch would bring no further loot to my bedroom!

Thereafter matters degenerated into random and sporadic acts of violence followed by increasingly cruel reprisals which spread beyond Potcher to involve the eastern counties of Barfezi.

With no audiences for his bravado, the self-styled Prince of Potcher was soon left with only a few score giddy boys and girls with longbows and a dozen suicidal bomb-throwers whose numbers were reduced each time they acted.

Though the young lady has behaved foolishly-even ungraciously, one might say-you, yourself, Colonel, have behaved as honorably as one would expect of the hero of the Potcher War.

The Potcherwater was placid and deep from Wellsport all the way to County Gide, he knew Barfezi well from the Potcher War, and the river would take him to the very town where the inn stood, the one where the cook would, presumably, tell him where to find Genevieve.

The sounds are of a tiny, unenthusiastic audience applauding the death scene in some tragedy: it is the two masseurs walloping and potching at the flesh of their victims, men half-clad in sheets and stretched out across marble slabs.