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postmortem examination

n. an examination and dissection of a dead body to determine cause of death or the changes produced by disease [syn: autopsy, necropsy, postmortem, PM]

Usage examples of "postmortem examination".

Mary Kelly's postmortem examination was held at the Shoreditch mortuary and lasted six and a half hours.

Killeen performed the postmortem examination at a nearby dead house or shed.

Although they had had no sleep at all, Ted Forrester and Rolf Grunden attended the postmortem examination of Vera English’.

It was the results of her postmortem examination of Anderson and Miyazaki.

I was not the least bit surprised that ATF would have sent a fire investigator to watch the postmortem examination.

Then followed the names and signatures of the assistants, and the doctor's conclusion showing that the changes observed in the stomach, and to a lesser degree in the bowels and kidneys, at the postmortem examination, and described in the official report, gave great probability to the conclusion that Smelkoff's death was caused by poison which had entered his stomach mixed with alcohol.

In addition to what is already noted in detailed report of postmortem examination (attached), N.