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n. (plural of possum English)

Possums (film)

Possums is a 1998 sports comedy film directed by Max Burnett.

Usage examples of "possums".

Other Possums were on the loose, but none constituted an immediate threat.

It can cause severe allergic reactions in all of them and also feeds on the blood of rats, chickens and possums among others.

Try this on bulbs, which mice and even possums sometimes like to nibble.

The best approach for unwanted possums in ceilings is to block up their access to the roof.

However, possums are very territorial creatures and the new location is likely to already have a resident possum.

This wont stop your fruit getting eaten, but it is an excellent solution if the problem is possums having noisy parties in your roof.

The possums, soft, furry squirrel-like animals with round, startled eyes and incongruously discordant voices, seemed determined to harvest the bark and leaves of the young trees without ever allowing them the chance to come to fruition.

Remorsefully, she reached out to him, but he shook his head and stepped back, saying he was off to check the traps he had laid out for the marauding possums among the young trees.

You have stayed here with me a long time now - it cannot have been much of an adventure for a man like you to be everlastingly watering trees and fighting possums for the possession of a square inch of bark - not after losing your pants on the goldfields and staving off a dozen raging Chinamen with a shovel.

He was sworn at by three possums and snapped at by a devil he had unwisely disturbed in its den, after which he retired to wallow in the creek.

Devils and possums, stupefied by the smoke and barely half awake, died by the dozen, and by the creek lay the smoking remains of a tiger.

The possums had the instincts of animals, which was to flee a battle if possible.