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n. meat from a domestic hog or pig [syn: pork]


PORC may refer to:

  • Postoperative residual curarization
  • Porcelain
  • Porcupine, see also Porcupine (disambiguation)

Usage examples of "porc".

The defence here consisted of a work called the Porc Espic, and a bastion in its rear called the Helmond.

January he learned that the enemy were preparing for the assault, and on the 7th a crushing fire was kept up on the Porc Espic, Helmond, and Sand Hill forts.

Two thousand Italian and Spanish troops had been told off to attack the sand hill, two thousand were to assault Helmond and the Porc Espic, two parties of five hundred men each were to attack other works, while on the east side Count Bucquoy was to deliver a general assault.