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popular opinion

n. public opinion

popular opinion

n. a belief or sentiment shared by most people; the voice of the people; "he asked for a poll of public opinion" [syn: public opinion, opinion, vox populi]

Usage examples of "popular opinion".

Others saw themselves as architects of a new and perfect republic, and their leader was La Follette of Wisconsin, far more dangerous in his idealism than any of the Bryanites, who were bound to be swayed by popular opinion, a highly volatile substance produced, often at whim, by William Randolph Hearst in his eight newspapers, not to mention all the other publishers, to a man for war.

Nardini, in a professed treatise, has combated the popular opinion and the authority of two popes, and has removed Veii from Civita Castellana, to a little spot called Isola, in the midway between Rome and the Lake Bracianno.

Or is grief something that popular opinion apportions to particular misfortunes and which may not present itself to order and in the right form?

Among the directors taken into custody, was Sir John Blunt, the man whom popular opinion has generally accused of having been the original author and father of the scheme.

At the hearing of the case today, the prosecutor on the part of the commune ventured to threaten the court with popular opinion and its avenging fury.

Nicephorus Phocus united, in the popular opinion, the double merit of a hero and a saint.

Such talents engaged the friendship of the Arian bishops, till they were forced to renounce, and even to persecute, a dangerous ally, who, by the accuracy of his reasoning, had prejudiced their cause in the popular opinion, and offended the piety of their most devoted followers.

The all-important Pennsylvania delegation, despite popular opinion in Pennsylvania, stood with John Dickinson and voted no.

It was a shameful collapse before Jefferson and popular opinion -- reminiscent of King Henry's before Jack Cade.

It was a shameful collapse before Jefferson and popular opinion—.

Do you go along with the popular opinion that she is guilty of everything?

Contrary to popular opinion all over the world, there was no feverish piling of arms.

In Roman and medieval times, however, the legend of the Roman descent from Aeneas swung popular opinion heavily in favor of the Trojans.