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Etymology 1 n. 1 (context informal usually as a form of address English) father, dad. 2 (context informal usually as a form of address English) By extension, another man old enough to be the speaker's father. Etymology 2

n. (plural of pop English) (the sound and related meanings) vb. (en-third-person singular of: pop)

Pops (disambiguation)
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Pops is an informal synonym for father in American English. It may also refer to:

Pops (restaurant)

Pops restaurant in Arcadia, Oklahoma is a modern roadside attraction on Route 66. Using a theme of soda pop, it is marked by a giant neon sign in the shape of a soda pop bottle. The glass walls of the restaurant are decorated with shelves of soda pop bottles, arranged by beverage color. These bottles are for sale as-is, or may be purchased cold from the huge refrigerator at the western end.

Opened in 2007, the restaurant's structure incorporates a cantilevered truss extending 100 feet over the gas pumps and parking area in the forecourt.

The roadside sign is 66 feet tall and weighs 4 tons. The height is a reference to the historic highway beside which it is situated. Although apparently constructed from neon tubes, it is actually lit by LEDs, which provide a spectacular light show each night.

The establishment was owned by the late Oklahoman oil and gas magnate Aubrey McClendon and has won several architectural awards.

Pops (nickname)

Pops is a nickname for:

  • Louis Armstrong (1901–1971), American jazz musician
  • Clarence Coleman (baseball) (1884-?), African-American baseball catcher in the pre-Negro leagues
  • Pops Fernandez (born 1966), Filipino singer
  • Pops Foster (1892–1969), American jazz musician
  • Stan Heal (1920–2010), Australian footballer and politician
  • Emmett Johns (born 1928), Canadian priest
  • Pops Mensah-Bonsu (born 1983), British basketball player
  • Pops Mohamed (born 1949), South African jazz musician
  • Pops Staples (1914–2000), American gospel and R&B musician
  • Willie Stargell (1940–2001), American Major League Baseball player
  • Pops Yoshimura (1922–1995), motorcycle tuner and race team owner

Usage examples of "pops".

Thomas, my Pops, and Sweetheart, my grandmother, whose real name had been Rose.

I were the only children here at Blackwood Manor because the tourists who came almost never brought children with them, and so I soon learned the vocabulary of adults and that it was fun to play in the kitchen and listen to their endless storytelling and arguing, or to tag after the tour guides -- my great-grandfather Gravier and later my grandfather Pops -- as they went through the house detailing its riches and its legends, including the gloomy tale of Manfred, the Great Old Man.

But Pops was a rural man who had no ambition beyond Blackwood Manor, and if that meant he had to talk to the guests, he did it.

Hermitage on Sugar Devil Island, Pops put no stock in it, reminding the curious tourists that even if such a building had existed, it might have long ago sunk into the muck.

I was innocent and protected by the umbrella of Pops and Sweetheart, and Aunt Queen, who was ever like a fairy godmother, dipping down to Earth only now and then with her stacked heels and invisible wings.

And Pops, late in life when he and Sweetheart had despaired of having a child, begat Patsy.

Patsy thought that if she was a mother she would be an adult, and Pops and Sweetheart would give her freedom and money.

Sweetheart, and even Pops coming in, drying the rain off himself with a towel and asking what was wrong.

Pops gave me a harmonica on that birthday and taught me how to blow in it, and I sat with him and we played together for a little while, and ever after we did that in the evenings right after supper before Pops headed up early to bed.

But when I played the harmonica, especially with Pops, I was in another world.

She certainly never came up here to my room, and when I did see her in the kitchen I was already afraid that a screaming fight between her and Pops was going to break out.

But there was an endless procession of young men to the back garage to play guitar and drums for Patsy -- and I knew Pops hated them -- and when I played outside I crept close to the garage stealthily, not wanting Pops to see me, so I could hear Patsy wailing away with the band.

Pops because Pops never wanted to give her any, and of course I know now that there was plenty of money, always plenty plenty of money.

They had an echo for me somewhere, and I felt a potent curiosity about Patsy, and I wanted to ask Pops what he meant.

She ran at Pops with it and Pops took ahold of both her wrists in one hand.