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Poppo can mean:

  • Bubo, Duke of the Frisians, also spelled Poppo (674–734), a king of Friesland
  • Poppo of Grapfeld (died 839/41), an early ninth-century ancestor of the Babenbergs
  • Poppo, Duke of Thuringia (died after 906), a margrave
  • Poppo I, Bishop of Würzburg (941–961)
  • Poppo II, Bishop of Würzburg (961–983)
  • Poppo (bishop of Kraków) (died 1008?)
  • Poppo of Treffen, Patriarch of Aquileia from 1019 to 1045
  • Poppo (archbishop of Trier) (986–1047)
  • Pope Damasus II (died 1048), whose birthname was Poppo
  • Poppo of Stavelot (Saint Poppo of Deinze, 977–1048), an abbot
  • Poppo von Paderborn (died 1083), Bishop of Paderborn from 1076
  • Poppo II, Margrave of Carniola and Istria (died 1098)
  • Poppo I of Blankenburg (ca. 1095–1161 or 1164), Count of Blankenburg
  • Poppo von Osterna (died 1257), a Grandmaster of the Teutonic Knights
  • Poppo III von Trimberg, Bishop of Würzburg (1267–1271)
  • Ernst Friedrich Poppo (1794–1866), a German scholar
  • Ronald Edward Poppo (born 1947), American victim of the 2012 Miami cannibal attack
Poppo (archbishop of Trier)

Poppo von Babenberg (c. 986 – 16 June 1047) was the Archbishop of Trier from 1016 to his death.

Poppo (bishop of Kraków)

Poppo was a Bishop of Krakow.

He is considered to be the first Bishop of Kraków, although missionary Bishops were active in the years just prior to his bishopric. His name is known from the 13th century chronicle “Sede Vacante w krakowski” which lists the names of the first nine Bishops and Thietmar of Merseburg, who wrote that three bishops, Reinberna, Bishop of Solno-Kołobrzeskiej, Poppona of Kraków and Jan I of Wroclaw were all subjected to Bishops of Gniezno metropolis. He became Bishop around 1000AD and there is some speculation he was the same person as Gompon. He died 1008AD. If he was Gompo, he was also Bishop of Kraków for the years 1008-1016AD. However, the early chronicles do give him his own entry.