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Poppe is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Eduard Poppe, German rugby union international
  • Edward Poppe, beatified Belgian priest
  • Enno Poppe, German composer and conductor
  • Erik Poppe, Norwegian film director
  • Erling Poppe, British engineer of Norwegian descent
  • Guido Poppe, Belgian malacologist and shell dealer
  • Ludo Poppe, producer of Third World reality TV
  • Nicholas Poppe, Russian linguist
  • Nils Poppe, Swedish actor
  • Peter August Poppe, Norwegian engineer
  • Ulrike Poppe, German politician
  • Walter Poppe, German Generalleutnant during WW II
  • Walter Poppe (footballer), German international footballer

Usage examples of "poppe".

She watched him cut a bite of steak and caught a glimpse of his fangs as he popped it into his mouth to chew.

He shrugged, popped a fry into his mouth, and thoughtfully chewed before swallowing.

She was heavily immersed in thought when one of the techs from the second floor popped in to visit, carrying a shoebox-sized package wrapped in brown paper.

Angling the bottle away from them, he popped the cork, preventing any of the contents from spilling.

Without consulting his comrades he dashed to the window overlooking the Koenigsplatz, where a great throng had gathered, stuck his head out and on his own, as if the idea had just popped into his head, proclaimed the Republic!

He could only wait, like a cat at a mouse-hole, till something popped out that he could run after.

Took her last Bit-o-Burger out of the mini-fridge, popped it into the mini-wave, ate it in one bite, was still hungry.

Kadence nodded, pulled a roll of sugar-free breath-mint life-savers from her purse, popped one in her mouth, and they all sat cracking hard bits of food between their molars.

The adscreens popped on, and frozen dinner boxes danced round with her.

The Fourth of July decorations were already up on the mall roof: a gigantic popped piece of Dr.

Arel shook the stamps out of the bag, popped open the stamp case, and there, smiling up at her from ten little white squares, were ten little Hampton Dranes.

She left the door open, sucked up the last of the soda, ran the straw around the bottom of the cup still sucking, then popped up the lid of the disposable trashcan to throw away the cup.

The feel of plastic sliding along her fingers as the magnets popped onto the refrigerator door.

All my life, the insane urge to giggle had popped up at the worst times.

My rings popped and snarled, my shields shifting, reacting to the charged air.