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n. (context US colloquial sometimes childish English) father, papa.

Usage examples of "poppa".

And maybe, somehow, I can find some way to rescue Poppa, and escape myself.

I cannot stay here, safe and warm, eating fine foods and wearing nice clothes while Poppa needs me!

That was when Poppa was working at the factory and we lived in the little white house in town that had a real roof you could sleep under when it rained, and not a tin one like the place on the hill had that leaked through the nail holes too.

I would sit near her at dinner and listen to everything she said, and one day Poppa began to ask me everything Aunt Mae said to me when we were together, and kept on asking me every day after that.

And I told Mother what I thought too, and that just made Poppa laugh more.

And then I was mad at Poppa and never told him again what Aunt Mae would talk to me about.

It was about this time that Poppa decided I should go play with other little boys instead of Aunt Mae.

After that, I was never as friendly with Poppa as I was before, and he felt the same way about me.

George and that he was up to no good and things like that, and Poppa just told her that she was silly, but I could understand that he was wondering too.

Something went wrong at the factory and Poppa lost his job, so we had to move to an old farmhouse-like house up on a hill right where the town ended.

When the sun came through all three windows, it made the room so red and bright that Poppa said it reminded him of hell, and he would never sit with us in there.

My front tooth had been loose for a week, but I had been too afraid to let Mother or Poppa pull it out.

Outside I heard Poppa coming across the cinders in the front yard, making the heavy crunching sound that he always did, and there was a lighter crunch behind him.

I felt little and small from the cold and the stars, and I was frightened about what was going to happen to us with Poppa gone.

The seeds were gone from where Poppa had put them near the kitchen door, so he must have come to get them when Aunt Mae and I were upstairs taking care of Mother.