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n. (context US slang English) (alternative form of po-po English)


Pópo is a Mexican cacao-based beverage popular in the state of Veracruz. It is typically made from toasted cacao beans, rice, cinnamon, anise seed and asquiote, and is similar to other Mexican chocolate drinks such as tejate, pozol, and chocolate de agua.

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Popo (album)

Popo is a West Coast jazz album with a previously unreleased 1951 recording session by trumpeter Shorty Rogers and his quintet. It was first released on LP in 1980 by Don Schlitten on his Xanadu label. Due to his prominence, the album cover gives credit to alto saxophonist Art Pepper as co-leader alongside Rogers who actually led the studio session on December 27 that also featured pianist Frank Patchen, Howard Rumsey on bass, and Shelly Manne on drums. At the time the musicians also played together at the Lighthouse club in Hermosa Beach as Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars. Shortly after Art Pepper would lead his first quartet (with Hampton Hawes).

Usage examples of "popo".

As a child, Bill had been fascinated by the old books in the Popo Agie library.

I stayed in Popo Agie almost a year before I took my first scouting trip.

Polynesians well, having helped to organize native troops in the Marquesas Islands where I was quartered at Popo Popo for two years, and in the Friendly Islands and in the Society Islands and in the Paradise Group, where I was the first man to introduce gunpowder.

Far above, Popo belched a thin stream of black smoke at the pale Mexican sky.

Chill told Popo stories of runaway slaves on the Underground Railroad.

Chill leaned over again, allowing Popo to sit in an empty plastic chair.

In the afternoon Kai Lin would come over and comb out the tangles that Popo missed at the back of his neck.

The three-foot-high canister, encased in crystalline green plastic, was one of the two new pieces of equipment that Popo owned.

He moved his hand to the southern part of the reservation, near the Popo Agie River and Highway 287.

Bassam Little Popo, names that seemed to belong to some sordid farce acted in front of a sinister backcloth.

Will Mount Popo truly erupt this time, raining lava and fire and meteors of death?

It was difficult to say if this was from rain clouds or the troubled air rolling down from Mount Popo in the north.